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Buyer Representation
Part of MBP Capital's Brokerage Team focuses on Buyer Representation.  In order to be the best we can be, over the years we have created a team that is able to find and underwrite deals from all sources.  We have close relationships with Listing Brokers, Owners, Bankers, and Asset Managers, so we generally have access to MOST deals on the market.  This is something that most other brokerage companies cannot claim.  The "other companies" usually focus on the listing side, thereby, restricting their ability to truly work from the Buyer's side.  Their focus is on representing the Seller and their main goal is to get the listing.  When competing for the listing with other listing brokers, many times they represent to the Seller that they can get a higher sales price than their competition; thereby, creating an inflated "Asking Price".  Then they have to create a PROFORMA Marketing Package that doesn't show reality.  Through our extensive ownership and property management experience, our underwriting is extensive, realistic and thorough.  Our analysts have been trained to uncover deals, skillfully and thoroughly underwrite them using ACTUAL numbers and our hands on experience to sift through the deals with the goal of finding the best deals available.  After we obtain the necessary knowledge about a deal, if it is a deal that we believe is worth further pursuit, we will present it to our client.  

As Buyer's Brokers, we have experience and success that has been gained through actual ownership (over 700 units), property management (over 11,000 units), CLOSED transactions (over 160 multifamily closings, $350M plus) and the long term relationships necessary to truly be good at what we do.  

We only work with a "hand-full" of Buyers at one time.  We believe that successfully finding, negotiating, physical inspections, the feasibility study, the loan process and the closing, takes EXTREME FOCUS and SKILL; therefore, we only work with a VERY SELECT few CLIENTS.  

Those Clients we do take on become our focus. Our Buyers' Purchasing Criteria becomes engrained into our daily thoughts and MBP Capital's team gets out there and finds the deal and guides you through the entire process from beginning to CLOSE and beyond including Property Management and access to all of our vendors (attorney, title, Physical Inspections, Environmental Reports, etc.)

As our Client, you will have access to: (MBP suggested Properties)

1. Our Exclusive Listings (before a Property goes on the market!)
2. Other Properties Listed by Other Brokers
3. Pocket Listings and Off-Market Deals
4. Bank Owned (REO's)
5. Performing and Non-performing Notes
6. Market Data, Articles and Reports

If you are interested in working with us, please read the below Confidentiality Agreement, fill out the form below and press the SUBMIT button.   Once we receive this form, we will call you to discuss your Criteria, Experience, and Capabilities.  After that conversation, if we decide to work together, you will be emailed a User Name and Password that will give you access to our CLIENT ONLY pages.  This is where we publish data on the deals that we believe are the best deals in our markets.  In addition, you will have access to an accumulation of relevant Market Data. 

We look forward to getting to know you better and possibly working with you on your Multifamily acquistion goals.


Confidentiality Agreement

The information contained in Web Site (“Property and Market Data”) is confidential, furnished solely for the purpose of a review by a prospective purchaser of a Property and MBP Capital's Clients, and is not to be used for any other purposes or made available to any other person without the express written consent of MBP Capital, Inc. The material is based, in part, upon information obtained by MBP Capital, Inc. from sources it deems reasonably reliable. Summaries of any documents are not intended to be comprehensive or all-inclusive, but rather only outlines of some of the provisions contained herein. No warranty or representation, expressed or implied, is made by MBP Capital, Inc. or any of their respective affiliates, as to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained herein or any other written or oral communication transmitted to a prospective purchaser in the course of its evaluation of the Property. Prospective purchasers should make their own projections and conclusions without reliance upon the material contained herein and conduct their own independent due diligence, including engineering and environmental inspections, to determine the condition of the Property and the existence of any potentially hazardous material used in the construction or maintenance of the building or located at the site. This information was prepared by MBP Capital, Inc. It contains selected information pertaining to the Property and does not purport to be all-inclusive or to contain all of the information, which a perspective purchaser may desire. All financial projections are provided for general reference purposes only, and are based on assumptions relating to the general economy, competition, and other factors beyond control and, therefore, are subject to material change or variation. An opportunity to inspect the Property will be made available to qualified prospective purchasers. In this Web Site and the information contained herein, certain documents are described in summary form. The summaries do not purport to be complete nor, necessarily, accurate descriptions of the full agreements involved, nor do they constitute a legal analysis of such documents. Interested parties are expected to independently review all documents. This Web Site and the information contained herein are subject to prior placement, errors, omissions, changes, or withdrawal without notice, and do not constitute a recommendation to purchase by MBP Capital, Inc., the Listing Broker or the Owner. Each prospective purchaser is to rely upon its own investigation; evaluation and judgment as to the advisability of purchasing the Property described herein. MBP Capital, Inc. expressly reserve the right, at their sole discretion, to reject any or all expressions or offers to purchase the Property and/or to terminate discussions with any party at any time with or without notice. The Owner, MBP Capital or the Listing Broker shall have no legal commitment or obligation to any purchaser reviewing this Property and Market Data or making an offer to purchase the Property unless a written agreement for the purchase of the Property has been fully executed, delivered, and approved by the Owner and any conditions to Owner’s obligations there under have been satisfied or waived. MBP Capital, Inc. is not authorized to make any representations or agreements on behalf of Owner or its representatives. This Web Site, all Property and Marketing Documents are the property of MBP Capital, Inc. and may be used only by parties approved by MBP Capital, Inc.  The Properties contained herein are privately offered and, by accepting this Confidentiality Agreement, the party in possession and the party who executed this Agreement by Registering on the MBP Capital Web Site (www.mbpcapital.com) does  agree (i) to return it to MBP Capital, Inc. immediately upon request of MBP Capital, Inc., Listing Broker or Owner and (ii) that the information found on this Web Site and its contents are of a confidential nature and will be held and treated in the strictest confidence. No portion of this Property and Market Data may be copied or otherwise reproduced or disclosed to anyone without the prior written authorization of MBP Capital, Inc.

We obtained the information above from sources we believe to be reliable. However, we have not verified its accuracy and make no guarantee, warranty or representation about it. It is submitted subject to the possibility of errors, omissions, change of price, rental or other conditions, prior sale, lease or financing, or withdrawal without notice. We include projections, opinions, assumptions or estimates for example only, and they may not represent current or future performance of the property. You and your tax and legal advisors should conduct your own investigation of the property and transaction.

In some cases, the Properties on this Web Site are not exclusively represented by MBP Capital and may be listed exclusively by another Broker (Listing Broker).  I understand that MBP Capital is a Broker that represents both Buyers and Sellers.  In many cases, the Properties listed on this Web Site are not controlled, listed, or represented by MBP Capital.  I understand that I am now a Client of MBP Capital and that I will exercise good faith and loyalty as it relates to my relationship with MBP Capital and its team members.  I understand that MBP Capital will, upon a successful closing, be paid a commission from the Seller, but in some cases if a Seller is not paying a commission or will only pay part of a typical commission, the Buyer (Client)(me) may be responsible for paying a commission to MBP Capital.  In all cases, the commission will be agreed to in writing on the front end in the terms of a Purchase Contract Agreement or through a separate agreement between MBP Capital and the Buyer (me).

I also agree that if MBP Capital supplies me with a User Name and Password for their "Client Only" Web Pages, I will not disclose this "log in" information or the location of these pages to any other party and I will not provide, disclose, or share any of the information contained on these "Client Only" Pages with any other person or entity.

By replying to any email sent to me regarding any Property or by Registering on this Web Site, I agree to this Confidentiality Agreement as stated above.